Get Your Sales Team Fight Ready with 60 Second Sparring Drills

Salesfox allows your teams to conduct short daily drills, that mimic all the benefits of in house face to face roleplaying. Prepare your sales teams to perform under fire so they are ready to handle objections and close deals when it matters the most: In front of your customers.

Increased Sales Performance

With short immediate action-response drills, your sales reps learn how to handle objections, pitch products and close deals under heavy pressure. This means that they had to overcome adversity and deal with challenges in real time before they are catched by surprise at client site. 

Live Sparring Drills

A boxer would never have a real fight without a lot of sparring to prepare for it. Roleplaying is sparring for sales people. Salesfox has all the benefits of in house roleplaying, because your sales reps need to react immediately to a situation such as a hard objection or a tricky question.

More Time and Money

In house roleplaying is very taxing on your employees time and your companies budget. Usually everyone needs to be at the same time, at the same place. With salesfox this process only takes 60 seconds and is asynchronous, which means both the trainer and the trainees dont need to do the roleplay drilling at the same time.

60 Second Roleplay Drills

"Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face" is a favorite quote by Mike Tyson. What is true for boxers is also true for salespeople. 

A boxer prepares for a real fight with sparring, which is a simulation fight in a secure environment. Roleplaying is sparring for your sales teams. 

The big advantage of roleplaying is that the salesperson is put on the spot, they have no time to think and need to handle an objection or pitch immediately. 

Salesfox plays a selection of pre recorded objections to the salesperson and will then immediately record their true, live reaction, wether they are ready or not. The sales trainer can then review their reactions and get back to them with valuable feedback. 

This means a training now only takes about 60 seconds, without the need of both parties taking time out of their busy working day.

You can individually record your own objections or questions and specify how often your sales teams need to drill them.

Replicate Your Top Performers

Your own sales people are the best ressources for what works in your specific industry and environment.

Some may be absolute rockstars on the phone while others are true beasts in handling price negotiations.

Whenever you have received an approach that just blows you away, then you can now easily share these gold nuggets with your team. With the push of a button you can automatically add these voice recordings to a best practices list, together with your feedback and the name of the sales person.

They will get some prestigeous exposure and recognition within their sales team, while in exchange their buddies can learn how mimic them and become as succesful as possible themselves.

Sales after all is not just one tactic or a script, its a dialogue between humans. How something is said is often more important than the what. Salesfox is emphasizing this philosophie. 

Swiss Army Knife of Sales

Salesfox is not only a pocket roleplay trainer. It was build by sales leaders for sales people. It truly is a swiss army knife for sales operations.

One issue we often came across was that we couldn't find an easy way to create short mini courses on the fly. Provide sales teams with the most important processes, share customer success stories or just easily distribute documents to them.

Salesfox allows you to easily do all of this. Just create a collection of all your sales presentations, product pitches, email templates or success stories within minutes from your smartphone. You will be blown away how easy this can be and how convenient the experience is for your sales people.

Super Easy to Use

Let's be honest: Most corporate software is not fun to use. It's complicated, bulky and stuffed with features that aren't really relevant in most cases.

As sales people we are especially turned off by this kind of software, which is why it is so common that the sales department has so many shadow processes and tools. They are just more convenient to use and more straight forward.

Salesfox was designed by sales professionals for their fellow sales professionals, in order to create a user interface and experience that screams sales.

The result is an app that is extremely intuitively and easy to use by everyone, for both the sales leadership and those working in the field.

Powerful Analytics

Salesfox comes with a very comprehensive backend that allows you to create stunning analytical dashboards and reports.

Know exactly which team achieved the highest scores in the "we already have a solution" objection or learn who had the best rebutal to price discount demands.

Compare individual people, teams or entire branches of your company. Identify who needs additional training in crucial situations and who has the knowledge worth spreading across your organization. 

No coding or degree in statistics required.

Check out all features below:

Roleplay Drills
Get your sales teams fight ready

Record a pool with voice snippets of objections or challenging questions and let your teams react to a selection of them on a daily or weekly basis. All in a safe environment, to effectively prepare them for real life situations.

Focus Point Drills
Emphasize what's most important

Do some members of your sales team struggle with a specific objection or call opener? Specify voice files that come up on every drill and are not subject to randomness. This will ensure that they deal with these situations regularly until they master them.

Ad Hoc Assesments
Do you know how your sales teams react to a specific situation?

Salesfox can also be used to conduct assesments to learn how your people will react to a specific situation in real life. Let salesfox ask them what the advantage is of your product compared to the competition and review their live reaction. 

Best Practices Collection
Replicate your top performers

Share the best pitches or objection handlings with the rest of the team and build a powerful, best practices knowledge database that allows others to replicate winning strategies.

Documents and Knowledge Database
Easily distribute valuable tools to your team

Salesfox has a build in database functionality, that allows you to have all important documents or knowledge in one place. This could be your product presenations, market analysis, email templates or success stories that everyone needs to know about.

Mini Courses
Fast and easy, no bulk e-learning capabilities

Salesfox even allows you to create sleek mini courses on the fly. Educate your teams about a new product feature or create a short onboarding course for new sales hires. The courses module was intentionally kept as easy as possible for user friendlyness. Think of an interactive powerpoint or PDF, that can be scrolled through and is capable of text, voice, video, image and documents. 

Hybrid User Roles
Switch between user and trainer with one click

Salesfox allows for hybrid user roles. This means a senior sales representive can be both a learner and a teacher at the same time. They can for example create their own courses that teach junior team members what they know. 

PIN Based Team Management
No complicated onboarding 

A team leader or sales trainer has its own, unique PIN identifier. Users can use this PIN to simply join a team, which the team leader then easily can accept or reject. This significantly lowers the time requirements if new people join or leave a team.

Analytics and Reporting
Leverage insights for increased performance

Salesfox comes with a beautiful and sophisticated analytics and reporting functionality. Create stunning dashboards and learn how your organization or teams are performing. Use these insights to strenghten weaknesses and idenfity hidden rockstars, that could share their secret best practices with the rest of your organization.

Our pricing Options


For small teams of up to 5 users 

  • Create and Conduct Drills
  • Create Mini Courses
  • Backend with Analytics
  • Self Onboarding



*per user, per month


For larger teams with more than 5 users

  • Create and Conduct Drills
  • Create Mini Courses
  • Backend with Analytics
  • Dedicated Success Manager



*per user, per month

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